Giving Back

We here at KidsInSocks, LLC are very proud of our products, and we are always thrilled when parents and caregivers share stories about how our alphabet socks are helping the children they love learn and grow! KidsInSocks is growing too. Your choosing our educational socks for preschoolers to help your little ones learn the ABCs, has enabled us to start paying it forward. For every set of KidsInSocks alphabet socks you buy, we donate one pair to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to warm the feet and hearts of kids battling cancer.

Thank you so much for trusting our products and making it possible for us to give something back to families and children who can use all the encouragement they can get. Our mission is to inspire kids to love letters and to offer parents and caregivers more creative opportunities for interactive learning. Visit our blog for fun educational games and activities you can enjoy with your little ones today. Thank you again for choosing KidsInSocks and helping us to spread the love to children from all across the country, we love you too!

Warm wishes to all for health and happiness, long life and learning!


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