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Make getting dressed fun and educational with KidsInSocks.com! Our mission is to bring families closer while encouraging literacy.

Watching children grow and develop has always been a joy to me. I chose to study child psychology because I believe that the early developmental stages have a major impact on the adult and consequently parent that every child will become.

It was while doing my holiday shopping that the idea for KidsInSocks.com came to me. Socks are a clothing item that kids go through like hotcakes. Putting socks on toddlers and preschoolers is an activity that can drive a parent crazy. So, what if putting on socks became a fun learning experience? What if putting on socks gave kids and caregivers an opportunity to transform getting dressed into quality time?

Kids In Socks was created to empower families on the go. Our products offer an easy way to make learning fun on a tight schedule. Getting dressed is something we all do, big or small, so why not invest that activity with the additional value of fun interaction. Your little one will be more willing to cooperate so putting their socks on will become a game instead of a struggle. One less source of stress – hooray!

Parents and older brothers and sisters are the most important role-models that toddlers and preschoolers have. Everyone benefits when everyday activities like getting dressed become fun interactions instead of battles.Kids In Socks offers you more fun with less frustration!

By allowing the child to choose the picture and/or letter that interests them they become engaged in the process and their curiosity is activated, priming them to cooperate and learn. The more often the child is exposed to the shape and sound of each letter and its associated picture, the more quickly it is committed to long-term memory and will be recognized in other contexts. That is an important pre-reading process.  Each pair of socks has a colorful picture that corresponds to the letter on the other foot. Each day parents can pick a different letter of the alphabet that they want the child to be exposed to visually throughout the day, help them to better memorize the letter and the picture.

Kids In Socks transforms pairing socks on laundry day into a memory game. With role play you can also let your child teach you what he or she has learned, reinforcing knowledge and bonding at the same time. Kids In Socks is committed to empowering moms, dads and kids by encouraging literacy and positive family interaction!

Be on the lookout for special offers and check our blog for great ideas for fun and educational interaction with the kids you care for!

The KidsInSocks.com motto is:

“Do everything with love and make learning fun!”

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