ABC Song


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KidsInSocks’ ABC Song can really grab children’s attention!

Help them learn the ABCs. Help your preschooler get their literacy groove on while having lots of fun!

At KidsInSocks we have created an animated alphabet song featuring our colorful alphabet socks, so your little ones can hear the name of the letter and the sound it makes in the picture word.This video is great for helping children learn the alphabetical sequence of the letters. We have put together a few learning games you can play with your little ones to have a lot of fun while learning literacy basics!

Letter Hop Scotch

You can find alphabet flash cards free online, but if you don’t have them you can use our ABC socks index cards or just small pieces of paper with the letters written on them. You can place the cards on the floor after mixing them up, so the cards aren’t in sequence. Play the ABC song video pausing it after each letter word combo to give your child time to find the corresponding card on the floor as fast as he/she can.

Musical Letters

Just like the old classic musical chairs, arrange the letter cards or even pairs of socks in a circle on the floor. Play the Alphabet song repeatedly while the child or children run around the circle. When you pause the video, the kids should run to find the letter/picture that the video stopped at.

Fill in the Blanks

Play the Children’s ABC song all the way through once. Explain to the kids that they need to listen very carefully, so they will know what part is missing, the name of the letter or the picture word, and be able to shout it out. You can prompt them in the beginning but allow them time to try and remember it themselves.

The Sock Hop

Have your child put on a pair of the socks. Ask them what letter is on the left foot and what picture is on the right foot. Say each and have them repeat it a few times. Then create a rhythm using the letter name and picture word that they must repeat by singing and hopping on the corresponding foot the correct amount of times. For instance:

a, a, apple, a = left, left, right, left

b, ball, ball, b = left, right, right, left

cat, cat, c, c = right, right, left, left

dog, d, dog, d = right, left, right, left

As kids become confident you can create longer and more complicated rhythms for them to duplicate.  Even if they get confused sometimes the focus is on repetition in a fun context; the more they giggle the better. If you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb your downstairs neighbors, you can have the kids lie down and raise their socks to the rhythm instead of hopping.

These are just a few suggestions of how you can use the alphabet song in fun activities to accelerate your child’s grasp of the ABCs and phonics!

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