Kids In Socks Improving Lives

Kids In Socks Improving Lives

Kids In Socks supports literacy through fun educational interaction. Encouraging literacy is much more than an investment in the individual, it is an investment in all our futures! Helping kids to get a solid start in learning to love learning is a huge contribution to their development. Confidence is the most important factor when building communication skills and encouraging effort and cooperation in school.

Kids In Socks products are great conversation starters!

Get two to four-year-old kids interested in the alphabet and phonics: the building blocks of language and verbal communication. Every year KidsInSocks donates alphabet sock sets to orphanages and children’s hospitals in the hope of encouraging more constructive and meaningful interaction between preschool age children and the staff caring for them. We believe that sort of quality interaction will positively impact the emotional and cognitive development of those children, improving their prospects for optimal development.

Confident kids are happier kids.

Our products can help kids in at-risk situations appreciate language as a means of understanding and acting on their world. When kids become more effective communicators their confidence soars and they proactively participate in building their futures. They are more curious and interested, willing to explore and take risks as learners. KidsInSocks is committed to nurturing generations of confident and communicative kids!


Whether you are a caregiver in a preschool/day-care center or children’s health care institution, or a parent with more than one child, you can have a lot of fun with the little ones while getting them interested in letters and their sounds!

To begin have all the kids put their socks on, then stand in a circle. One by one ask each child to put the foot with the picture forward then elicit the word.

Caregiver:       “Hey kids, who can tell us what that is on Bobbie’s sock?”

Kid/s:              “It’s a frog!”

Caregiver:       “Great job! Frog starts with the ffffffffff sound, Bobbie put out your other foot and show us what letter makes the fffffffff sound… Excellent! That is the letter ‘F’, ‘F’ ffffffffff frog. Let me hear you all say it now.

Kid/s:              “F, ffffffff, frog!”

Caregiver:       Fffffantastic! You are all awesome! Ok Gina stick out your picture foot now. Good! So, what is that on Gina’s sock?

Kid/s:              “Ice cream!”

Caregiver:       “Ice cream! Ice cream starts with the iiiiiiiiii sound, Gina, put out your other foot and show us the letter that makes the iiiiiiii sound… Super! That is the letter ‘I’, I iiiiiiiiiiii ice cream! Now you say it.

Kid/s:              “I, iiiiiiiiii, ice cream!”

Caregiver:       “Iiiiiiiii love you guys!”

After all the children have presented and practiced the letters on their socks, then the caregiver can randomly elicit the letters and words from the whole group by tickling the feet of the child. If the kids are confident enough the care giver can then ask specific kids to give the answer.

As you can see it is oh so simple to have oh so much fun while learning with KidsInSocks!

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