Fashion + Fundamentals = Family Fun!

Fashion + Fundamentals = Family Fun!

KidsInSocks: created to get toddlers excited about learning.

It is never too early to expose children to phonics. By pairing the letter sounds with fun images and the letter symbols for those sounds,dressing games introduce literacy basics. KidsInSocks products do just that. This creates opportunities for caregivers to spend quality time with their preschoolers while building their interest in learning to read.

Not quantity – quality time!

Is it a mad dash getting little-ones ready for day care or preschool in the morning? Probably if you are on a tight schedule. The morning “game” doesn’t have to be complicated. To save time in the morning choose two pair of socks the night before so you have them ready, but can still allow the child to choose which pair they want to wear. If you just tell them to choose from their sock drawer they may empty the entire drawer and still not be able to make up their mind!

Exposing kids to the letters and sounds is enough.

Don’t stress about introducing the alphabet in sequence.A great idea is to make an alphabet poster to hang in the child’s room at a height where they can see it easily. Write it out in two continuous lines: capital letters above, lower case below. That way you can point to the letters on the poster right after you put the socks on and say the word that the picture represents, the name of the letter that word starts with and the sound(s) the letter makes. Then,the child will have a visual of where the letter falls within the whole alphabet.

Repetition is the cornerstone of learning.

When you have more time, have the child find the letter on the poster that matches the letter on the socks they are wearing. KidsInSocks adds a new twist to laundry day, you can have the child help you match the socks then point to each letter on the poster. By repeating the word, letter name and sound often, they will be committed to long term memory and recognized whenever they are seen or heard. That is an important step in pre-reading!

12 is the magic number.

Research has proven that, on average, a learner exposed to new information 12 timeswill retain it. By changing up the pairs of socks you offer to the child to choose from you can be sure that they are being exposed to all the letters. Be sure to give them loads of encouragement to repeat the words letter names and sounds, and praise them enthusiastically when they do so. When they can remember on their own, be sure to let them know how proud of them you are!

Language is all around us.

Point out letters to them at every opportunity. Road signs, shop windows, and the grocery store are all full of colorful WORDS made up by letters your child is learning. Turn routine errands into word safaris with KidsInSocks!

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