Educational Games for Kids: Learning with Letters!

Educational Games for Kids: Learning with Letters!

Fun-damentals are important.

Language skills = power. Communication, expression and learning are all language dependent. It is never too early to introduce your little one to language arts. KidsInSocks’ mission is to empower parents with easy games, boosting literacy fundamentals while bonding.

What’s My Letter?

Use your child’s KidsInSocks alphabet sock set for entertaining games that reinforce language skills matching letters to objects already in the home. Begin by saying the letter name when putting on the socks, always have your child repeat the letter name and sound* (review long and short vowel sounds from early on), then the word depicted on the partner sock.  Look for other objects that begin with or contain that letter. For younger children, the parent, caregiver or sibling can point out objects and say the word encouraging the toddler to repeat it: if the child is wearing “D” socks, point to the door, desk, dresser, dinosaur… Ask more confident kids to look for objects, or pick which of two objects you point out has the “D” sound.


Matching activities.

Using your KidsInSocks alphabet sock set like letter blocks or tiles, create a fun matching game that will keep your child occupied and learning while you are paying bills or ironing! Gather small objects that begin with the letter/sound and arrange them on the floor. Have younger children pick a sock set and show it to you and you can remind them of the sound if needed, then they can match the socks to the object.

Pair Snare!

Start by separating the letter socks from the picture socks. If you do have alphabet blocks or tiles, lay them out in sequence on the floor replacing three of the letters with the corresponding KidsInSocks picture sock. Lay the letter socks out on the floor nearby (out of sequence for more confident children) and have the child find the letter sock that matches each picture sock, then recite the alphabet! Be sure to give them lots of praise and cheer them on. For younger children you can start out by replacing only one or two of the letters, and as the child becomes more confident mix it up even more.



It is important to remember that when children are first being introduced to material it should be in small pieces that are manageable for each individual child. Introduce letters one at a time – e.g. work with Aa on Monday, Bb on Tuesday, then Aa and Bb together on Wednesday. Then Cc on Thursday, Dd on Friday then Cc and Dd on Saturday. On Sunday, you will play with ABC and D (if that is not overwhelming for the child – observe his/her responses to set a pace that keeps their interest without intimidating). After you’ve made it through the alphabet once in this way then you can repeat the process working with two letters per day, and play/review at the weekend. Then again with three letters per day and review at the week end. There is no “right” pace for all children, every child absorbs information in his/her own way and pace. Allow each child to show you how they learn best, what worked for your first born may not work for brother or sister. KidsInSocks wants to help you get to know your child as a future learner!


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